Iniziammo sin dal 1987 con la Bianchina. La fondazione fu realizzata coi notabili FIAT AUTO S.p.A. ora FCA, proprietaria del Marchio. Di esso ci ha concesso la Licenza d’uso e conseguentemente manteniamo, con FCA e con i suoi funzionari, privilegiati rapporti di aggiornamento ed informazione.
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The AUTOBIANCHI REGISTER was set up in Modena on 2nd May 1999 following the initiative of a group of enthusiastic connoisseurs of Autobianchi vehicles who come from all over Italy. In October of the same year, the Autobianchi Register, having gained authorisation from Fiat Auto SpA for the exclusive use of the Autobianchi trademark worldwide, also became associated to A.S.I. as a trademark register.

This non-profit making association intends to pursue the following statutory aims:

. help its members to find, correctly purchase, restore and upkeep all the vehicles produced by the Autobianchi manufacturer
. make it easy for its members to find and exchange spare parts,
. catalogue and classify all the vehicles existing worldwide, by entering them in an appropriate register
. collect all the existing documentation and create a library for use by its members
. organise historical, touristic and sporting events, as well as shows and national and international rallies
. arrange an annual automobile liability insurance policy at a very moderate price, through selected insurance companies
. take advantage of very substantial discounts on all spare parts, through dealers having an agreement with the Autobianchi Register
. be involved in the documentary procedure for tax payment exemption
. be guided by ASI experts in solving all the bureaucratic problems connected with vehicle use, such as: re-registration, periodical servicing, driving with cars not using a catalytic silencer or lead-free petrol, and other such matters

In order to achieve its pre-established objectives, the Autobianchi Register can rely on a National Secretariat as well as a peripheral network which is able to assist local members in dealing with all the technical and bureaucratic problems concerning the restoration and use of Autobianchi vehicles.

You can just have your Autobianchi vehicle entered in the Autobianchi Register free of charge. Should you be interested, the Register can provide you with an enamelled metal plate stating the model, year and Register number.

Registro Autobianchi
Casella Postale 33 Poste Orbassano - 10043 Orbassano (Torino) Italy
Telefono: +39.011.901.52.04 FAX: +39.011.903.49.87