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Versione completa: Are there good horde-only "lore" quests?
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I mainly play alliance. I've dabbled in the horde, but haven't played a ton with them. My question is, how much lore or the other side to stories are actually faction-specific? In this case for the horde. I used my 110 boost to create a horde shaman to check out the new pre-BfA stuff in Silithus, as it seemed a lot of what was going on was horde-specific. It turned out most of the quests were literally identical to the alliance ones. There are obviously a few interesting one-offs in the old world, like Mankrik's Wife, but they aren't really main stories told from another perspective. What are some good Horde-only story-based quests out there I should check out, and which ones really tell the story from a very different perspective?

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